Hospice's Polidori House
Lake Havasu, Arizona

Please note: Faces are blurred for privacy.

Subject: Lake Havasu Concert
From: "Jack Garnett"

Hi Randy,

I and my white Lab therapy dog are volunteers with Hospice of Havasu. I
wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful benefit concert you
gave for the patients, staff and volunteers at Hospice's Polidori House in
Lake Havasu last week.

My wife and I have always enjoyed your music and
we were thrilled and honored to experience your wonderful show. Everyone
I talked to were raving about it. I know it meant an awful lot to some of
the patients.

One in particular, Roberta, the lady in the wheelchair that
you asked to sit up in front, was very pumped up by the show. I had been
visiting with her and her husband and daughters just before the show and
she said she wasn't feeling too well and was not going to leave her room
and bed to see the show. I think she changed her mind when she heard your
music and when you asked her to sit up in front, I was touched to see how
she started to light up with a big smile on her face. I have talked to
her a couple of times since then and she still lights up when she speaks
of the concert. I know she has been quite worried lately that she won't
make it to their 60th wedding anniversary in February, but what you and
your group did to lift her spirits, I cannot find the words to describe.

I also think that it may not be a coincidence that a couple of the
patients started feeling well enough to go home over the next few days.

Please convey to your whole group our deepest thanks and appreciation for
this amazing benefit show that you put on. We will keep checking your
website to see when you are having a concert in our part of the country

May God bless you,

Jack Garnett

To: Jack Garnett
Subject: Roberta
Dear Jack, Becky Jo here.
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful letter!
That was so special of you to take the time to write to us, and we appreciate you.
I think I know the answer, and I also know that your job is a tough one,
but can you please tell me if Roberta made her 60th wedding anniversary in February?

To: Becky Jo Benson
Subject: Roberta
Hi, Becky Jo,
You will be happy to hear that Roberta did make it to her 60th anniversary.
It was a special time for her and all the family. It was not too much
longer after that that the Lord brought her home. I can not find the words
to thank you enough for your benefit concert or to express the privilege
that it was to sit next to her and watch her light up and the look on her
face after she was wheeled up in front and listening to your music. Please
know that you touched her and other patients and staff deeply.

Thank you again and God bless you for what you do.

Jack Garnett


We are waiting for our Hospice audience to come in.


The audience settles in, and Randy opens the show.




Our very special audience listens and taps their feet to the music.


Everybody sings!


Jack's dog settles in for the show, while making eye contact with Vecca.



The Official Balladeer of Arizona, Dolan Ellis,
(shown below) has just been introduced by Randy, who made us all laugh!


After Dolan's solo, Randy asks the lady in the wheel chair to come up closer.




We sang Vecca-The-Show-Dog to sleep.


Randy asks Eddie Boggs to do a solo, and then introduces Eddie.


Then it's Pete Henderson's turn to WOW the crowd!




Randy makes us laugh again, and we do the ending song.


Time for autographs now. Denise wants to be autographed.






After autographs, Denise and Eddie sing a song.


Randy is resting after the show.


Here we are,
all but Jennifer Lind,
who is in California with her new grandson, David.


Now joined by Denise.


Now we are joined by Joe Van Hook (on your left)
and Margaret Dewey (on your right).


We have thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon
with our new found friends
in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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