Date: Sun, March 21, 2010 10:27 am

Hi, Randy,

I was in the audience recently when you played at Lincoln Trail College in
Robinson. A couple of things, first of all I loved the performance. It was
great hearing the songs and being entertained by you guys- I'm glad you are
all still doing this. Also, I want to thank you for what you do for school
kids. Most people don't want to take the time or be
bothered by doing something like that, but you do, and it means so much for
kids to have people take the time to be with them and show them that someone
cares. I've been a guidance counselor for almost 30 years and kids get
excited when people come to visit. Those youngsters will remember this for
a long, long time.
All the best to you and the NCM. Keep playing, my friend!
Ray Miner
RDSE Records
Miner Family Band Music Publishing (ASCAP)


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